blue lotus flower tea
blue lotus flower tea

Blue Lotus Whole Flower Tea Bags


Blue Lotus Flower can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, such as brewing tea with it, putting it in a warm bath, or utilizing it as a component in crafts that you make yourself. It’s also used in aromatherapy by some.

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blue lotus flower tea, Being one of the planet’s highest vibrating plants, the blue lotus flower was once thought to be one of the most sacred.

The blue waterlily, which is native to North and Central Africa, was first discovered in Egypt by the Nile River and is depicted in numerous ancient Egyptian artworks.

The Egyptians saw the flower as a psychedelic and thought it was “The Blue Lotus Flower that resembled the Sun,” helping people achieve higher states of awareness.

Some claim to experience a subtle joy blue lotus flower tea ,when using the Blue Lotus Flower. It is believed to be caused by the flower’s natural chemicals, which have a variety of mood-altering effects.

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