Organic Blue Lotus Tincture

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This tincture of blue lotus is also very effective in treating sleep disorders including insomnia.
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1000g Premium Organic Dried Blue Lotus Flowers

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Every flower is flawlessly clean and pristine. No dust or contaminants Dehydration is carried out in compliance...
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Blue Lotus Flower Tea

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This Jar Contains 8. Oz Of 100% Organic Blue Lotus Flower. Blue lotus flower tea...
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Blue Lotus Tincture / Extract

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. Some people incorporate the flower into wine or other alcoholic beverages. It's advisable to...
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Blue Lotus flowers Pre-rolls

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The flower was employed by the ancient Egyptians for shamanic rites and healing in the...
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Pre-rolls of Grinded Blue Lotus Flower

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Organic Egyptian Whole Blue Lotus Flowers

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I cant believe this is legal tbh, its basically weed without the social anxiety.. highly...
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Egyptian Blue Lotus C/S Flowers (Nymphaea caerulea)

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Thus, this tea is highly favored because of its psychoactive effects, which provide a joyful...

whole sale price Blue Lotus Essential Oil

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Finely ground flowers can be infused into a vaporizer and inhaled for vaping.

wholesale price Blue Lotus flower Pre-rolls

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It has been used both medicinally and recreationally in the past, and most proponents say...